Google and Twitter have reportedly come to a new agreement that gives the search giant access to Twitter’s massive data stream according to a report by Bloomberg Business. Google plans to make tweets visible as soon as they are posted.

Twitter had a similar deal with Google back in 2009 but the agreement ended after just two years. Since then Google has had to crawl Twitter’s site which is an extremely time consuming. However now under the new agreement the two companies will have an automatic data feed so that Tweets will appear in Google as soon as they have been posted. Considering Twitter has over 284m users, this means a lot more fresh content will be appearing in Google.

The deal should start to take effect in the first half of this year. Exposing its micro blogging website to a wider audience could significantly boost revenue for Twitter who are now striving to kickstart additional growth.

Gartner analyst Annette Jump told the Guardian newspaper:

“The deal will make tweets more searchable and should help to increase engagement and usage for Twitter. For Google this announcement will allow users to provide more real-time information about consumers/companies do/promote/discuss online.”

However Twitter spokesperson Will Stickney declined to comment about the reported deal

Ultimately the renewed relationship will benefit both companies. For Twitter there will be more opportunities for them to gain new users and to convert logged-out users. Whereas Google on the other hand believe search results will be enhanced by access to real-time tweets and a much broader amount of content.