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Social Media

Social Media has seen unprecedented growth in the last few years and because of this its influential In terms of online marketing should not be underestimated. The new increased power of social media can now literally make or break any online digital marketing campaign. Thus social media optimisation is becoming more and more important to website owners.

It’s now very hard to pick up an industry magazine or attend a digital marketing conference or SEO seminar without hearing the words Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook or Flickr. The digital industry is moving fast and now your customers are demanding more control over the content they see, where they find it and they want to let you (and the rest of the world) know exactly what they think about it.

By using social media optimising for your website to target the social media space can result in increased brand exposure, thousands of new website visitors and an increase in one way links which will improve your search engine rankings.

 Social media

is essentially a set of online interaction tools that allow groups of people to generate content and engage in peer-to-peer conversations and exchange pictures, videos and audio. Some types of social media include:

Social Media  Social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Digital Marketing  Social bookmarking websites such as and StumbleUpon
Social Media Optimisation  Social news sites such as Digg and Reddit
Social Media Consultancy  Video and photo sharing websites such as YouTube or Flickr

Other types of social media are forums, message boards, blogs, wikis and podcasts. In fact most websites that have user generated content (UGC) or consumer generated media (CGM) can be classed as social media websites.

Social Media Optimisation Services

Most companies engage in various forms of online digital marketing including search engine optimisation (SEO) but fail to tap into the vast social media community. The importance of blogs, forums, social networking, social bookmarking and business networking websites is so high that you can no longer exclude them from any online SEO or online digital marketing campaign.

However entering and establishing yourself in this social world of online communities is a lot more difficult than it seems. Social media networking communities have strict codes of conduct they abide by so normal marketing rules do not apply. Social media communities need to be engaged and interacted with using interesting, relevant, unique and non-commercial methods.

With a real focus on social media optimisation Ocean SEO can help your company reach your target audience, increasing your brand awareness, however niche your product or service. Social media optimisation is a great source for link building because the links created are long term and raise your natural ranking in search engines helping to generate more traffic to your website.

Ocean SEO’s link building and social media optimisation services can introduce your company to these social environments and help you to better rip the full benefits of a good social media optimisation campaign.

The benefits of social media optimisation include:

off page seo Increased exposure leading to more traffic
Social Media Optimisation Target your exact audiences
Social Media Services Increased brand awareness
Social Media Company Increased online trust of your brand/product/service
Digital Marketing Compliment other online marketing activity
Social Media Marketing Drive your message to a larger audience
Social Media Enhance your brand personality
digital marketing Personalise your marketing strategy
Social Media optimisation Connect with your customers on thier terms

Social media optimisation can generate a large amount of exposure for your business, increasing your website traffic, brand presence and business partnerships.

However, having a good social media strategy is more than just opening a Facebook page or sending a message via twitter, you need to view your social digital marketing as an extension of your CRM practices, online and offline digital marketing.

To find out more about Ocean SEO’s social media optimisation and our other link building services than please email us your request.

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