LinkedIn SEO TipsLinkedIn is described as social networking website for people in professional occupations. However LinkedIn is more than just a social networking website as it has now become a very powerful marketing tool.

LinkedIn’s ever growing popularity and rising traffic count has opened an opportunity for businesses to utilize this professional network to their advantage. Your LinkedIn profile provides one way for to current and potential customers to find you on the web.

For this reason it is very important to optimise your LinkedIn profile for the search engines so that you can maximize all the opportunities offered by this social network of professionals. The key to a successful LinkedIn profile is to have as many connections as possible because if you don’t have any LinkedIn connections, you’re not going to be found.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques can be applied to your LinkedIn profile to help gain you a higher level of exposure.  Here are a few tips on how you can use SEO techniques on your profile to get more business from LinkedIn.

1. Complete Your Profile

Sounds like a no-brainer I know, but in some cases people haven’t taken the time to fully complete their profiles. A review of profiles on LinkedIn will reveal that many users do not completely fill out their profiles. So make sure you complete your profile fully as the more detail you provide, the better your chances of getting indexed by the search engines.If you need it use LinkedIn’s help to guide your profile to completion.

2. Don’t Restrict Being Found

Again a simple no-brainer but make sure your profile is open to the Public. If you’ve limited your profile views to just your friends and family, then nobody else is going to be able to find you. By going public you are enabling search engines access to your details which will increase your profiles exposure. By optimising your profile and opening it up to public reach allows you rank for your own name, company name and possibly industry keywords related to this.

3. Optimise your URL

When you setup a LinkedIn you are given a default URL. This is a generic URL so make sure you optimise this so that you use your name, company name or a keyword that best describes what you represent in your URL to make it search engine friendly. By optimising your profile URL it also makes it easier to remember if you are using it on business cards or email signatures

4. Use keywords throughout your profile

You should try to optimise your profile by making it as keyword rich as possible. Areas like your job title and job description should use releant keywords as much as possible to help your profile become more SEO-friendly.

5. Use Anchor Text in Links

In your LinkedIn profile you are able to list 3 links. Make use of this by replacing the default options with more keyword rich anchor text to make them more SEO friendly.

6. Promote Your LinkedIn Profile Everywhere

As we said before LinkedIn is a social networking website, but i’m guessing this isn’t the only social networking website you use. Promote your LinkedIn account everywhere you can. Put a link to your LinkedIn profile on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Business cards, email signatures, and of course place it on any websites you may own. The more you can make it accessible the more exposure you will receive. There is no harm in a little self-promotion.

7. Expand you Network

Expand your network as big as you can because the more people you can be seen by the more chances of further exposure are possible. Make sure you connect with current and former work colleagues, clients, friends and family. Also make sure you add industry contacts to your profile as and when you come across them. The aim is to connected to as many people as possible.

8. Join in

By joining in and participating in relevant industry groups on LinkedIn will allow you to not only expand your network as we recommended above but it will also help optimise your profile. When you become a member of a group, LinkedIn places the name of this group of your profile. This means that if this group is relevant to you industry then it will improve the keywords on your profile. By being a member of a group also adds value to your own profile and help you to get found by other industry contacts.

9. Use LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers allows you to build internal links to your profile thus helping to strengthen your profile in the search engines. Also being getting involved in the LinkedIn community you can build up your reputation which will then attacked more people to connect with you.

10. Try to Get Recommendations

By gaining recommendations your profile will start to stand out more as recommendations build trust in your reputation within the LinkedIn community. In terms of optimisation recommendations actually help to improve the visibility of your profile within internal LinkedIn searches creating more exposure your profile.


These LinkedIn SEO tips if carried out will immediately boost your profile internally within the LinkedIn community and externally in search engines. As we can see LinkedIn is more like a popularity contest so the aim is to gain the most connections.


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