SEO Competitor Analysis Strategy

SEO Competitor analysis is a great way of generating valuable information about your market, trends and your current competitive position.

In every business environment, it is critical to analyse your competitors and develop a constant tracking them competitors regularly. This is no different with search engine optimisation (SEO). Competitor analysis has always been intrinsic in the process of business development for many years.

Before starting a SEO campaign it is advisable that you first understand the task ahead by knowing your competitors using competitive analysis. Now for the purposed of SEO when I say a competitor, I am not referring to your traditional direct competitors, I’m referring to the other websites that are occupying the top positions in the search engine results pages (SERP’s) for your targeted keywords.

What is SEO Competitor Analysis?

SEO competitor analysis is the process of analysing your competitor’s websites both on page SEO and off-page SEO. By analyzing your competitors, you can determine their strengths and weakness and find out what online tactics they are using, what keywords they are targeting and how many links they have to their website.

In essence, competitor research is important to the success of any SEO campaign because by knowing the size of the hill ahead of you become aware of the challenge you are faced with and you are armed with an indication what you have to achieve and surpass to get above your competitors in the search engine rankings.

So if you want to make a search engine optimisation campaign as effective as possible then SEO competitor analysis should be an integral part of your digital marketing efforts. SEO competitor analysis is time-consuming because it involves researching reviewing and comparing your website with your competitors but the information you gain from this will improve your overall SEO campaign and help achieve a higher ranking in search engines.

Why do SEO Competitor Analysis?

Analysing your competitors just provides a business with very important information. This information is important because it allows you to know what the rest of your industry is doing.

By competitors you can see who is rising quickly through the rankings allowing you to recognise early warning signs that a competitor may be using underhand tactics or black hat SEO techniques to boost rankings in the short term.

Ocean SEO believes that by monitoring your competition will always lead to you being at the top of the game. SEO Competitor Analysis will help to expose opportunities and steer an SEO campaign in the right directions.

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