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ThePPC Optimisation Services challenge for most companies is that with so many competing factors and ever-changing rules it is hard to get the balance of natural organic SEO and paid listing right to achieve the best return from your investment and provide a long-term solution that will keep your website ranking consistently high.

Google AdWords, also known as pay-per-click (PPC), is an advertising product of Google’s and is seen as their main source of revenue. Google AdWords offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and site-targeted advertising for both text, banner, and rich-media ads. Google AdWords does not set a minimum spending requirement, so you can start slow and adjust your budget as your business grows. Google PPC AdWords allows you to target local, regional, national and even international traffic (and therefore potential sales opportunities) on a budget that you can set.

Paid search (PPC) is a popular form of digital marketing. Paid search results are often displayed on the right-hand side or very top of the results page and referred to as “sponsored links” or “sponsored ads”. The website marketer chooses keywords and bids an amount they are willing to pay for every click on that keyword, with the higher the bid the higher the placement. In a very competitive market, PPC  is an effective way to ensure your website gets exposure on the first page of results for your keywords. However, you have to ensure that the return you will get from bidding for a high position within the sponsored ads outweighs the cost of the number of clicks needed to secure that sale.

If you’re looking to control your advertising spend whilst getting a good return on your investment, Google PPC AdWords is a good choice for digital marketing to achieve this. Google PPC AdWords can help you to reach new customers and get your business noticed quickly and instantly.


The biggest difference between PPC and SEO is the fact that SEO directs traffic to your site through free methods and techniques where as PPC is a paid service. The biggest benefit of PPC is that you get instant results whereas with SEO, more time and patience is required as results take longer to achieve. SEO is used to get your site ranking naturally as close to the top of Google as possible. If done right, over time SEO will help your website to reach the top of Google naturally. A PPC campaign will get you to the top of Google instantly generating you traffic however, the moment your budget runs out you lose your premium position whereas with SEO once you get to the top you stay there and it technically does not cost you to be in that position. PPC is usually best used when a website is new to the web and wants to generate traffic quickly while you build up your natural rankings using a SEO campaign and once you achieve an organic listing than to turn off the PPC campaign or switch it over to keywords that you are not targeting with your SEO campaign.

How can Ocean SEO help?

Our online search marketing experts can help advise you on your PPC campaign to help you drive higher quality traffic and have more control over your PPC bidding. It is our aim to help you to increase your return on investment ratio and if required lower the cost of your PPC campaign.

Ocean SEO has been providing Google Adwords (PPC) campaigns for many types of online companies in Brighton, BexhillLondonSussexKent and across the UK with excellent and sustained results.

To find out more about Ocean SEO’s PPC services and/or our SEO services  than please email us your request or call 07522 448459

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