TGoogle Adwords PPCo start with let’s mention that SEO isn’t the one and only magic technique that will get you to the top of the search engines, in fact SEO offers no guarantee of a top place listing at all? This is sometimes why website owners who require immediate results occasionally question the merits of natural search engine optimisation.

SEO is extremely effective but this method can take time to achieve a premium position in the search engines. Website owners who want to achieve immediate results or wish to achieve rankings while their SEO campaign is taking effect can use AdWords to get an instant search engine rankings.

 What is Google AdWords

Google AdWords, which is also known as pay-per-click (PPC) is a popular form of digital marketing. Paid search results are often displayed on the right-hand side or very top of the results page and referred to as “sponsored links” or “sponsored ads”. Google’s AdWords (PPC) advertising platform is one of the most lucrative sources of internet marketing strategies available today. It can be used to enhance an internet marketing strategy and support your business growth.

PPC campaigns work by linking keywords chosen by website owners to search results, increasing their rankings on a page of related results. The website owner chooses what keywords they wish to target and then bids an amount they are willing to pay for every click on those keywords. The higher the bid the higher your Google placement will be.

Instant Search Engine Visibility

By using a PPC campaign website owners can target local, regional, national and even international clients/customers on a budget that they can control. The main advantage of PPC advertising is that no matter what a website owner’s budget is or how little time they actually have to promote their business online, they can instantly reach new customers and grow their business with AdWords.

However unlike SEO where your position is usually long term once you achieve it, a PPC campaign can get you to the top of Google instantly generating you traffic however, the moment your budget runs out you have to be aware that you will instantly lose your premium position until you add more budget to your AdWords account.

PPC is usually best used when a website is new to the web and the owner wants to generate traffic quickly while they build up their natural search rankings using a SEO campaign. Once they achieve a favourable organic listing then they usually turn off their PPC campaign or switch it over to keywords that they are not targeting with current SEO campaign.

PPC Click Trough Rate Increasing

PPC IncreaseAccording to research from GroupM UK and Nielsen search engine users still favour organic results over PPC adverts. In fact their research showed that 94% of search engine users clicked on organic results. So if this is the case why should a website owner carry out an AdWords campaign if only 6% of searches actually click on them? Well for starters that research was back in 2011 and since then conflicting statistics have been published to show that PPC AdWords adverts are now used more often.

This year Bunnyfoot, a consultancy firm, discovered from their research that there has been a swift in search engine user patterns and that now 81% of search engine users actually clicked on PPC adverts. Meaning that only 19% clicked on the organic results.

Another interesting piece of information that come out of their research was the fact that out of 100 search engine users tested 41% didn’t even realise the search results at the top of the screen where actually adverts that where being paid for. This means that this 41% of search engine users actually believed the PPC AdWords adverts where actually organic positions so trusted them as authoritative and accurate results. This increase in trust and click trough rates is exactly why it is now important to have an AdWords PPC campaign as part of your main online marketing initiative.

Thousands of companies spend millions running AdWords PPC campaigns because currently around 90% of all internet search queries online in the UK are made on Google. Google’s AdWords (PPC) advertising platform is actually Google’s main source of revenue, earning them an estimated £2.8 billion last year alone.

Professional AdWords Campaign Management

Pay per click (PPC) AdWords advertising is an ideal way to create instant visibility and targeted highly relevant website traffic for your website. Google AdWords (PPC) services in the UK are offered by a number of AdWords campaign management providers.

This kind of online advertising can be handled in house, though it is recommend that you use an AdWords professional management company, because if managed incorrectly, PPC can cost companies large sums of money. Dedicated PPC management professionals can tailor your companies PPC campaigns to perform well both locally and nationally. They will be able to create, adjust and optimise your PPC AdWords campaign on an ongoing basis and make sure you do not go over your prescribed budget.