Content is King

Content optimisation is perhaps the single most important aspect of ranking your website highly on the search engines. Through the many search engine algorithm changes that occur each year, the weight search engines give to the content on your pages rises and falls.

But when it comes to this type of on page optimisation the general rule if CONTENT IS KING. I can’t say enough how important well optimised website content is for SEO and for conversation. People come to your website for one reason they are interested in the information or products you are promoting. So engage them and inform them and give them what they need. Search engine spiders also need information to read.

If there isn’t much content then how can a search engine apply any relevance to your website. It can’t so it won’t put you in its rankings. How can you target a specific keyword if you don’t use that word a few times in your website content….simple logic? Providing well optimised content which is keyword rich, unique and informative will help your website gain better visibility in the search engines.

Ocean SEO’s Content Optimisation Service

In a nutshell well optimised content provides search engines with powerful signals of relevancy to understand what a website and all its internal pages are all about. Ocean SEO’s content optimisation service will make your entire on page website content unique for each page avoiding any form of duplication in all aspects of website content material.

As content optimisation is part of your overall SEO campaign, Ocean SEO constantly test and refine your on page content. Ocean SEO’s content optimisation service will help and advise you on the best methods of updating and modifying you website information. Let’s be honest if you expect people – and search engines – to come back to your website, you have to give them a reason to do so.

Professionally written optimised copy on your website and content optimisation can increase enquires and helps to raise your search engine rankings. The written content (copy) on your website is very important for both visitors and search engines, so great care should be taken when writing this copy. Website copy needs to be engaging to visitors and compelling enough to convert them into a client.

At the same time your website copy needs to contain a healthy density of your primary keywords and semantically related keywords so that search engines can match your web page with the searchers query for that keyword. Content optimisation plays an integral role in an effective SEO campaign.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting, or to give it its full name, search engine optimisation copywriting is the technique of writing this relevant content which helps balance the text so that it reads well for visitors, and also targets your main keywords to help rank highly in the search engines. SEO copywriting is seen as a well crafted art as well as a science.  SEO copywriting is the main form of content optimisation.

Ocean SEO can produce keyword rich editorial copy for websites that is written for both search engines and geared towards engaging visitors for better conversions. Any Good SEO company should be able to offer you totally ethical (white hat SEO) SEO copywriting and/or copy editing techniques to help your website gain a higher positions in the search engines.

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