On Page SEO Services

On page search engine optimisation refers to work which is carried out internally on a website to help you achieve increased traffic by aligning a website’s code, architecture and content with strategic keyword phrase targeting. Therefore, on page optimisation involves making small changes to your website coding, structure or content to help search engine crawlers (spiders) index your website more effectively, giving your website a higher chance of being positioned in more premium positions within the search engine results pages (SERP’s).

How can we help?

Ocean SEO know that it is vital that your website is as search engine friendly as possible and you have as much exposure online as possible to help channel traffic to your website. Our SEO consultancy will carry out a professional on page SEO campaign to ensure your website content and code is fully optimised for your main targeted keywords.

We are aware that an effective on page SEO campaign can require changes to the HTML source code of a website. This will mean that on occasion we would need to re-develop and/or re-design certain aspects of your website. These on page SEO changes will then allow Ocean SEO to maximise the potential of your websites structure and content so that it can be indexed better by search engines and still remain user friendly for visitors. Ocean SEO will use our professional knowledge of search engine optimisation to apply the most appropriate best practice on page optimisation techniques to your website to improve it for search engines.

On page optimisation factors

The most important on page optimisation techniques our search engine optimisation consultancy takes into consideration when carrying out an SEO campaign are:

title optimisation Title optimisation
SEO Services Meta description optimisation
SEO Services HTML header tag optimisation
SEO Services Image optimisation
SEO Services Page content optimisation
SEO Services Internal navigation optimisation

Ocean SEO’s tried and tested on page optimisation techniques will maximise the potential of your website and as with all elements of SEO, we recommend your on page optimisation campaign is carried out over time, constantly monitored, tested and continuously refined for maximum effect. Our search engine experts understand how search engine algorithms work and how your customers’ searching patterns can be utilised to drive more and higher quality traffic to your site.

Our SEO is successful because we are not just concerned with high positions within search engines; we do deliver these too, but we also look at the complete SEO picture and analyse your competition and traffic analytics in order to optimise your conversion rates and propel your website to a prominent position for the most cost-effective key terms that drive sales and increase your conversion rates.

Go beyond the Google ranking

On page optimisation also holds additional advantages for your business by helping you provide a more user friendly website while improving your brand image. Recent research from Econsultancy suggests 71% of users expect the leading brands to be top of the screen on a search for a product and 36% think the link placement is tied to the company prominence in the market. This means search engine optimisation does more than just direct users to your website; it also builds your brand image and improves the reputation of your brand in your customer’s eyes.

What SEO can do for your business?

seo servicesIncreased high quality traffic– SEO increases the number of visitors who are actively searching for your service or product.
SEO Services Improved search engine ranking for targeted keywords – The higher your website is ranked by search engines the more viability your website will have and therefore the higher volumes of traffic it will receive.
SEO Services Increased sales – SEO leads to increased sales because your website is more visible and accessible by potential customers.
SEO Services Increased brand visibility – SEO gives your brand a high international profile by increasing its exposure online.
SEO Services Increased return on investment – SEO brings a higher ROI than any comparable form of marketing.
SEO Services Cost-effective customer acquisition – You are naturally (organically) placed highly in the SERPS for free by search engines unlike PPC where you lose your position once your budget runs out.
SEO Services Take a holistic approach to your SEO and get the most out of your on page optimisation

When on page optimisation is carried out in conjunction with off page optimisation then you are substantially increasing the effectiveness of your SEO campaign and the likelihood of achieving a higher search engine position.

Ocean SEO has been providing on page optimisation campaigns for many types of online companies in BrightonMaidstoneLondonSussexKent and across the UK with excellent and sustained results.

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