Off Page Optimisation (Link Building)

Off page optimisation (off page SEO) refers to work which can be carried out externally of the website to help enhance your websites performance in the search engines for your target keywords. Off page optimisation (also known as link building) is a SEO technique which involves placing your website’s link on other websites so they point back to your website to help it gain link popularity.

High SEO rankings are just the start.

Search engines, including Google, specifically favour websites that have a high link popularity. The reason for this is that search engines look for websites that exhibit a higher level of trust and authority. This trust is established based on the quality and volume of the links that point to a website.

When it comes to ranking a website within the search engines it’s almost like a popularity contest. The more links a website has the higher its link popularity will become and as a consequence that website will be looked upon more favourably by all the major search engines. A link is simply a vote of confidence from another website, so the more votes a website has, the more trust a search engine will give it and rank it accordingly so off page SEO is extremely important.

Imagine there are two websites that are equally relevant on page optimisation for a given search query, the page that has the most inbound links will consequently rank higher than the other website. Links on other websites are also beneficial to a website because they provide another means for people to find your website using that link.

The off page optimisation process of building links to a website is a critical aspect of any effective SEO campaign. In fact, link building is regarded as about 70% of any effective search engine optimisation campaign. When carried out, professional off page optimisation ( link building) can lead to sustainable and increased search engine rankings, targeted traffic and additional sales.

How can off page SEO help?


Off Page Optimisation Links increase your website popularity
Off Page Optimisation Links create direct traffic
Off Page Optimisation Links build a higher page rank
Off Page Optimisation Links build user trust in your website
Off Page Optimisation Links are sources of navigation to your website
Off Page Optimisation Links tell search engines and users what your website is about
Off Page Optimisation Links establish your website in ‘online communities’
Off Page Optimisation Links are valuable assets

Off page optimisation (link building) will help increase your site visits, page views and sales conversions from targeted customers searching for your product or service, improve the quality of traffic and help to expand the number of quality inbound links to your website.

We always align our link building efforts with your objectives. We achieve good results because we take time to highlight which are the most effective ways to drive high-quality traffic to your website and focus on activity that can deliver you the highest conversion rate and best return on investment.

The most important benefit of off page search engine optimisation is that it helps a website rank highly in search engine results pages (SERP’s) for targeted keywords meaning greater visibility and therefore attracting more traffic to your website.

When link building is carried out in conjunction with on page optimisation you are substantially increasing the effectiveness of your SEO campaign and the likelihood of achieving a higher search engine position.

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